Ruthless Vapor

Vaporium Unlimited is the Brain-child of Joey Alexander and Dave Burkhart who both work for Ruthless Vapor Corporation located in Ontario, California.  Joey and Dave are the owners of Vaporium of Laughlin.

TYFNS = Thank you for not smoking!

Ruthless Vapor begins it's Anti-Smoking Campaign that includes "NO 2 Minors" - focusing on social and community responsiblity.  Ruthless and The Vaporium of Laughlin are strong advocates for NO SALES to MINORS!

Is the IQOS the future?

Ruthless News Network, press release on the latest attempts BIG Tobacco is making to re-gain loss market-share that the grassroots base of the Vape Industry has taken from them....but  will they remove ingredients that are unnecessary and provide an alternative that can be trusted by the general public?